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Smart railway construction site management

Experience advanced automation features for efficient management of your web production. Our platform enables precise planning and optimised data analysis to improve your work processes.

Automated route management

Save time and reduce errors by automatically processing and checking your route data.

Routability check

Before starting traffic, check whether your rolling stock can run on the planned route without any problems.

Visual data analysis

Gain clarity quickly with interactive maps and tabular analyses of construction sites and routes.

Everything in one place

Optimise your planning through structured communication with the network areas.
This allows you to recognise risks at an early stage and enables an integrated customer portal.


Intelligent solutions for complex challenges.

We are continuously developing our technologies and services to meet the challenges of railway construction sites. Our platform is managed by an experienced team.


Customised solutions for your company

At catkin, we do everything we can to make railway operations as economical and safe as possible. The railway construction site manager (BBM) helps you to achieve this. Of course, we can integrate BBM into your specific software landscape and thus optimise your processes – just contact us!
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BBM lists all incoming ZvF & Fplo messages sorted by urgency. You will also find all communication with the network areas in one clearly organised place.

With the BBM, you can keep a detailed eye on the effects of roadworks and react immediately.


Roadworks reports from various DB InfraGo portals and sources (, KiGBau, KOMBau) are integrated into BBM. In addition to a simple display of these roadworks reports, BBM automatically checks the routes for corresponding roadworks effects. This means that you also have an overview of all roadworks effects for future transport operations.

The BBM checks the train path in detail for compatibility based on the ERA parameters. The actual route or the timetable arrangement specified by DB InfraGo is checked for route compatibility. Your rolling stock (locomotives & wagons) is used as the basis for the check.


The BBM visualises planned and actual routes clearly on maps and displays the construction sites in tables. Coloured markings immediately clarify the route ordered and the diversions route.

The BBM automatically prepares various key figures for you. In the controlling area, you always have an overview of the additional expenses incurred. Delays, additional kilometres and affected parties are automatically displayed for you and always up-to-date. Further processing is of course possible.

BBM has a direct interface to the DB Netz train path portal. This means that your ordered and actual train paths are automatically fed back into the BBM. On this basis, BBM checks the effects of the roadworks on your transport operations. Always up-to-date and accurate.

With the help of comprehensive user management, you can set up access to BBM for your customers. This gives your customers the opportunity to view possible disruptions to their own transport operations caused by roadworks independently and at an early stage and to make informed decisions in their own production planning on this basis. You decide which data you want to release for your customers.

The BBM is integrated into the dynamic DiLoc timetable. The Fplo reported to the BBM are automatically reported to DiLoc via an interface. The train driver thus receives the timetable arrangement for the area of the construction site directly on his terminal device.


We enjoy the trust of numerous
companies worldwide

Lineas Deutschland GmbH Rail freight company

"The BBM gives us a clear overview of the ZvF & FPLO messages from our regular trains. In addition to the automated data processing, the geographical effects can also be viewed on a map, which is very helpful."

FRACHTbahn Traktion GmbH Freight transport company

"With the help of BBM, we can always keep an eye on the impact of roadworks on our special train services. This allows us to identify disruptions at an early stage and adapt our planning accordingly."

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